Thursday, April 28, 2016

An epic set won this weekend

I haven't really been keeping up on this blog like I had hoped I would but I managed to win a monster set this weekend. I have become more and more interested in Star Wars collectibles, so much so in fact, that I broke down and bought the entire 1977 Topps set to include the stickers and the C3PO "GoldenRod" error card all at once. It was somewhat of a gamble to buy the whole set like this with so few pictures but it seemed like these would be in better condition than your average set that could be found on Ebay and this was the case when the cards arrived to me. I made the purchase on Ebay on the 24th and it arrived today in great condition.

While I'm a bit too young to remember this set or ever have any of the cards it really is the best and most iconic non-sports card set of all time and the one that opened the floodgates for many other Topps movie and non-sports related issues. Luckily I now have some doubles that I can give to some of my fellow Star Wars friends as I got a couple of cheap lots earlier in the year. This set had quickly become one of my white whales and I consider myself fortunate to be able to land the whole thing so quickly and painlessly.