Thursday, April 17, 2014

20th Blue wave refractor added, This one from the Steelers...

The Steelers have a huge fan base across the United States and here's a one per box RC card of Markus Wheaton. Judging by his card back stats he had an outstanding career at Oregon State. The last really big player I remember coming out of Oregon State was Steven Jackson and that worked out pretty well for the Rams for so many years. There are other notable players that have been pretty damn good from there that I didn't know until running a search like Nick Barnett (LB) for the Packers and Brandon Browner (DB) for the Seahawks.

I like the cards with plain backgrounds like these rather than some of the cards that have action shots or crowd shots in the background because it shows the "wave" pattern better and the main player photograph is offset better because of it. I understand that you can't have all the cards with the same static type of shot but these backgrounds along with the horizontal layouts interspersed within the set are some of my favorites.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Got the Maysonet Blue Wave Auto, my first one!

Got this card in the mail today and it's pretty sweet! I'm going to try to add one of these autos per month at the very least along with adding whatever blue waves from the non-autoed set as I can get my hands on. Despite the fact they are inserted at 1:24 packs they are fairly easy to get in lots on Ebay right now. I'm still trying to figure out what these autos are inserted at as there is no good information about the /50 blue wave autos out there. I'm assuming it's gotta be a 1 per case. Essentially with the autos and the base refractors I'm doing a 2 in 1 set here.

Over the last couple of days I added these Manti Te'o, Andre Johnson and Theo Riddick refractors as well. The Manti reminds me of the first card I added on this blog, the 2013 Spx AU RC that I got before the 2013 football season started. As we know Te'o didn't have much of an impact and the value of this card plummeted. Still, I got  the SPX AU RC for less than a third of the price of a box so I'm not too upset about it. Since I'm not planning on selling it doesn't much matter anyway.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today's Collection addition is one of the best Quarterbacks of All Time

Some people may debate whether Drew Brees is one of the best QBs of all time but he's got to be in the top five for sure. This future hall of famer was one of the primary reasons that the Saints don't suck anymore. I don't know if you remember the perennial celler-dweller days but they had a whole carousel of bad draft picks, worse trades and coaches who invariably got lead to the chopping block. Anyone remember the Mike Ditka, Ricky Williams trade of 1999? While Williams proved to be an exceptional back for a few years he never really found his stride in New Orleans. "Mike Ditka went all-in on Williams in 1999. And the Saints then finished Williams’ rookie season 3-13, Ditka was fired and the franchise dealt Williams to Miami two seasons later. New Orleans at least saved a little face with that 2002 trade with the Dolphins, scoring a pair of first-round picks and four draft choices overall." (Burke, 2013)

When the Saints got Brees from the Chargers in 2006 it was anything but a sure fire home run. Brees had some nagging shoulder issues and the Chargers if you remember had drafted Phillip Rivers in the first round in 2004. That was the year that Eli Manning would have been drafted by the Chargers but essentially pulled a John Elway and refused to play for them. Rivers has also developed into a top tier QB but nowhere near the talent and playoff success of Drew Brees.

In other news I'm looking at the box breaks for 2014 Leaf Best of Football on YouTube and gotta say, what a money burner. I like the idea of getting unopened boxes hidden in another box but some of the boxes have been pure garbage. I saw a 2007 Classics box that got opened to reveal nothing more than a few dollar bin jersey cards and a no-name rookie free agent that never played a down as the hit autograph. While the box also contains a cut hall of famer autograph to soften the blow there really are way better ways to spend 175.00 in the hobby that will make you much happier. That's just my take on it. Not only are you gambling that you'll get a good box here, you're also gambling once again when the box is opened that it will yield the sweet card that everyone is chasing. Most of the times these boxes just are not delivering. I did see a box that had a 2013 Museum box in it, this one had a Peyton Manning Metal framed auto numbered to 25. That was the only one out of 8 or so boxes I saw broken that was remotely worth the price. I'd say stay away from this one unless you love the thrill of old boxes and have a ton of money to spend.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A pair of Blue Wave refractors from the Cowboys and Jaguars

Tony Romo is one of those controversial players, you either love him or hate him. Plagued by the regular season greatness and big-game choke artist reputation you can't deny that he's the best QB the Cowboys have had since Aikman.

Cecil Shorts III busted out on the fantasy and real world football scene in 2012 with eyepopping stats. He's one of the few Jaguars I would put on my fantasy team and being a top receiver on a bad team always trying to play catch-up it's easy to see why.

While I really like these bluewave cards a couple things might have made this insert set even better. I would have liked these cards to be numbered. We know they are rare, but just how rare are they? I think they are not getting the proper respect they deserve in auctions because people are assuming that they are only a little more rare than the unnumbered regular refractors. Weird decision for topps not to number these but to number the rookie autograph versions. Another cool thing would have been to have some veteran auto content. Weak 2013 football sales could have been much better if you could pull a Peyton Manning or Drew Brees auto out of one of these packs. Would the price have to go up a little bit? Probably so but I think Chrome would still have a rabid following. Finally I would have loved to see some vintage players in this set. A Jim Thorpe Blue Wave refractor out of this set? Would have been phenomenal and I'm sure you'd all agree.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2013 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Refractors Mike Wallace #155, today's add!

While Mike Wallace didn't start the season off that well with the Dolphins he actually eclipsed some of his numbers from his previous season in Pittsburgh. His receptions and yards were greater and while he only had 5 TDs he was a consistent player filling in fairly well for the void that was left when Brandon Marshall left for Chicago. NFL Network noted that the Dolphins and Jets are probably one or two players away from making the playoffs and I tend to agree. Being in the same division as the eternal Patriots does have to suck because your team has to play them twice a year and keep up with their blistering win pace.

This a pretty sweet card and I'm lucky to have found such a big lot of these since they only fall at one per box. Found another card with free shipping today from the non-autographed set, seem to be picking these up at a pretty fast pace for me!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Today brings another Blue Wave Refractor of Titans QB Jake Locker

Today's card is 2013 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Refractor Jake Locker #56. This is my 11th card to the set leaving me with 269 more to go including the autographs. I've set up two collections in my Beckett Organize, one with the cards I've added to the Blue Wave collection and another where I see what cards I have left. This is a handy tool to see what cards have been purchased and to help me make a plan for getting the autographed cards. I've found the best strategy for completing sets is to get the cheapest cards first. While you do run the risk of the expensive cards getting too far out of reach this honestly doesn't happen very often. Usually what you are doing is allow the overhyped players to come back down to earth when they get injured, the team does bad or interest moves on to the newest hottest set. I imagine once some of the licensed 2014 sets come out we're going to see a massive fall off for demand for any 2013 cards with the exception of 1 to 2 players, probably Eddie Lacy and Geno Smith. Everyone else's cards will likely be able to be gotten for much less as time goes on. I've been collecting long enough to see these cycles happen over and over again. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Bengals star from yesteryear graces my collection today

Added this 2013 Topps Chrome Blue Wave refractor to my collection today. This is the 10th so far in the regular set of 220. I was looking at purchasing another large lot to help me along with this set from the same seller that seemed to have tons and tons of Topps Chrome but I wasn't willing to pay as much for this lot as the last one because there would be so many doubles to sell or trade off. Looking at the guys lots he must have opened tons and tons of product. He had nearly a complete set of the x-fractors. He was selling lots of 50 or more of these blue waves. He also had a huge lot of pink refractors and blue refractors from 2012 which had tons of demand because of the stars like Russell Wilson and Nick Foles that were in these limited sets. I'm glad he was selling but was wondering what the draw would be to open so much product and then being forced to sell for pennies on the dollar which is essentially what happens with lots on Ebay. 

I did end up getting my first autograph from the 60 Blue Wave Rookie Autograph set yesterday, a Miguel Maysonet that ended up going for less than 10 dollars. My goal is to get at least auto a month, maybe more if I can afford it. At that rate it will take 5 years to complete this set but my patience is unlimited. It took me 7 years to complete the 1999 Spx set and 4 years to complete the 2008 Spx set. I can be very patient when it comes to hunting down the cards I need at a good price to finish off a set.