Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Back to the Challenge!

It's been quite a while since I've chosen a random card to get and actually pulled the trigger. This was first up in lists of all cards about to be sold when I pulled up Ebay. I actually want to expand my search to other sports so I thought it sort of odd that the first card that popped up was a football card from 2014 since I've purchased several boxes and singles of 2014 football.

I will review this card having it in hand and I must say it's the nicest base card I've ever seen and that includes all the high end that's been released so far. Scans truly don't show how cool this card is. The black background, the gold foil and the acetate background is super cool. Additionally there is a printed shadow that looks really awesome and gives the card some depth. The card is extremely thick and was obviously produced in layers. I have to give Panini an A+ for the base card design, I'm not so sure about the other cards in the set though. The large NFL logo and team logo cards don't make much sense to me. If the price point were better I'd probably go and pick up a box but as it stands right now I think singles are the better way to go.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The newest card for my 1998 Topps Chrome Refractor set

Here's the newest addition to my growing set of 1998 Topps Chrome Refractors. Kanell never really had what you'd call a stellar career in the NFL but he did have some moments. As the back of the card notes, he did have a good 1997 season where he led the Giants to a 7-2-1 finish after the team had started off poorly with Dave Brown as their starting QB.

This is the 12 card in the 165 card set that I've purchased. I've been getting the cheapest cards available on Ebay but so far I have not come across any lots of these whatsoever. They've all been one-by-one purchases which is what one should expect for such rare cards and the fact that they are from 1998; not too much demand for 1998 cards with a few exceptions. One nice thing about collecting a set like this is there isn't too much demand. These cards aren't new and they aren't vintage yet so they are kind of in a grey area in terms of demand. Off to find the next!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Since last I posted some great football cards!

      Here are some photos of highlights of the cards I've added last week. The only one of these highlight cards that I pulled was the Peyton Manning refractor but since I'm a Manning collector this was a great one for me. Even base cards are great so an insert like this is even better. My favorite of these cards is the PSA 10 Andre Ellington which was going for big money about a year ago. This PSA case is very much larger than I've ever seen and must be part of this rollout

      I managed to get the PSA 10 for under 10 dollars which is pretty much a steal in my eyes. PSA 10s are not very easy, especially with thick autographed cards like this.
I went on a buying spree this week, two boxes of Finest as well as a few Finest singles (most from 2014 but the Ellington I could not resist the price) I also picked up a Topps Chrome Mini Black Refractor of Geno Smith (15 copies!) and another 1998 Topps Chrome Refractor for that ongoing collection. Pretty sweet adds for this last week!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Great football card by anyone's standards!

This card was purchased on Ebay and is one of the new Topps Chrome Mini cards. What I find strange about these is that they are only about 3/4 of the size of the regular cards making them a little difficult to even differentiate from the regular size. As you can see from the photo this is in a regular card sleeve. While it really does appear to be a money grab from Topps just to put out another product I do like the fact that these are all on-card autos and the rookie auto checklist is cut in half. 

You can still get some stinkers from a box but you can also pull something like this from your hit. Had I gotten this in an actual break I would have been fairly happy with it because I see from the box breaks that it's pretty hard to hit color autos. I picked this up for less than half of the cost of a box. Freeman didn't do much last year but could have a bigger role with Atlanta this year with Steven Jackson being released. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2014 Topps Finest Break

Today's card is from a break I did today, a 2014 Topps Finest Hobby box break. This is card #36, Patrick Willis who we found out in NFL news this week is planning to retire.

I was actually looking for Topps Chrome Mini but my local hobby shop had sold out of them. I was ok with picking up a box of Finest even though you can't get an autograph of phenom Odell Beckham. That being said there are so many other autographs you could get that make the box usually worth the gamble. Additionally I never did get any base cards from this set when I went on an Ebay buying spree last year for these cards. This is a fun product to break and if you can still pick these up I highly recommend these boxes.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

One of my Finest buys this year

Today's card comes at you from 2014 Topps Finest and was part of an experiment of mine to see what sort of great cards I could get for under the price of a box. Carey didn't do much this year but did get some looks behind Matt Forte. He carried the ball 36 times with a 4.4 YPC average so when he did get the rock the results were't too bad. Speculation on this player is pretty low due to the position he plays and the team he plays for. You can get an autograph like this for around 8 to 10 dollars on Ebay.

I'm looking at the Topps Chrome Mini box breaks and may be able to swing by the local card shop and pick up a box of this product. The rookie autograph checklist is much more condensed which is a very good thing. You have a much better chance of picking up a good rookie and that's a very good thing. If I am able to make it over there and get a box I'll give my review and the results.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

6th card for my 1998 Topps Chrome Refractor set comes in

Here's card # 6 out of 165 cards that I need to complete what I think is an iconic set. I really like how the base cards and the veteran cards are easily identifiable by the side bar (rookies get a wave in the name bar and vets get the curved name-bar as you see above.) This set will take quite a while complete as I'm waiting to get a card in the mail before I bid on the next. Right now I'm knocking out the cheapest ones to allow my funds to build up enough to get the higher dollar cards like the Manning and the Moss. Keeping in mind that these cards came 2 per box I've already gotten the equivalent of 3 boxes worth of these refractors. Westbrook is shown as a second year player here. He was a pretty good rookie as evidenced by being included in such a small set but went on to only have a short career (5 years) before injury or some other factor forced him out of the NFL. Unfortunately Google isn't too much help on what happened to him but this card pictures him as a young star on a Lions team that was pretty decent at the time.