Monday, September 1, 2014

A pair of receivers from 2013 Topps Chrome!

I was fairly busy yesterday so I forgot to add my "card of the day" but here are today's and yesterday's additions. The Patterson could be a nice 5-10 dollar card someday if he lives up to the hype. He has quite a few variations on this card as do most of the top tier rookies including a photo variation card, even an autographed base photo variation card which a seller on Ebay is wanting just a bit too much for

 Nicks has a new team this year and it should be interesting to see just how well he clicks with Andrew Luck and the Colts offense. Football starts this Thursday night and I'm pretty excited! I did get rid of cable and now have to watch things on my mobile device or at a bar so we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A couple rookies from 2013 Topps Chrome today!

Today and yesterday brought some high profile rookies from 2013. "Ziggy" Ansah could very well be that missing piece that finally gets the Lions into playoff contention this year. Justin Hunter has been a pretty great addition for the Titans as well. The Hunter card is # 18A meaning that he's got a type B card out there as well. I got curious as to the insertion rate of these photo variations and I believe the number is 1:320 packs, so pretty damn rare, probably something like 1 per case. There appear to be 55 shortprints in the 220 card set. Even averaging at 10 dollars a card these extra photo variations cards would end up running you $550 give or take a few bucks. That could be kind of an expensive set and one that could easily be mistaken for commons if you think about this for a second. A person that was not familiar with the set wouldn't even notice the difference or understand the rarity of these cards. They'd look like 10 cent commons in the eyes of someone passingly familiar with football cards. This could appeal to some people but I think if these were appropriately marked on the back at least it would be far better. I have not seen any of the SPs in person so if I'm wrong about this, please let me know.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today's addition from the 49ers

This is my second Patrick Willis add for this month! This one's card # 12 and indicates that Willis went to the ProBowl in 2012. I'm kind of surprised that this one didn't get a photo variation as popular as Willis is with defensive collectors and 49ers fans. There's only a few guys that get much value in the hobby as defensemen. Urlacher and Ray Lewis come to mind but now they're retired I would say Willis, being a perennial pro bowler and being from a large market team like the niners would be one of the top people that collectors go after.If Clowney does well this year I can see people jumping on that bandwagon too. Great defenders are good for the hobby because it's not all about the QBs and the running backs. All positions are important and it's time that collectors saw the value of other players outside Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's add is my favorite card in the whole set!

I'm a huge Broncos fan and my favorite position is running back. Stands to reason that this is my favorite card and a great reason to go ahead and purchase the set outright after buying a box that had roughly 30 percent of the base cards I needed. Based on some of the higher end versions of this card like the autographed base, the autographed refractor /150 and others there is huge movement on this guy in the offseason. 

People are expecting Ball to be a 1500 yard back this year in a prolific Broncos offense. Obviously there's a lot of  "what ifs" to be answered but I'm hoping it happens. I drafted him in my fantasy league and I hope that all the analysts and so-called experts are right about him. I even passed over Eddy Lacy who has more game time experience; in retrospect that might have been kind of dumb. I usually don't let team affiliation play any part in how I draft but I think this time I let my emotions take over rather than doing what I know I should have. Only time will tell as with either second year back quite a lot can happen over the course of 16 games.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The next card is well, #9 in the set

Going along in the set in order, here's the next addition to my 2013 Topps Chrome completed base set. This is #9 and features a pretty good rookie for the Texans drafted in the second round. Peyton Manning and the second year corner got into it a bit this Saturday and Manning got hit with an unsportsmanlike penalty for saying "Fuck You" according to a couple sources. 

I'm not sure what went down exactly because I was at a friends house not paying as much attention to the game as I normally would and of course the news sources water everything down like pussies right before showing a shitty McDonalds commercial for the billionth time so unless you saw it first hand you'll probably never know. This is sort of why I hate watching games at a bar or at a friends house, you miss so much of the action.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Topps Chrome # 8 Rex Burkwho?

This is one of those cards that you can expect will be pretty unimportant five years from now. A sixth round pick for the Bengals he was largely overshadowed by some kid named Giovani Bernard picked by the same team in the same draft. A knee injury during the preseason has cut down his limited playing time as well. 

Going through the Beckett organize feature I notice that lower tier rookies have far less variations for their cards than do the well-known guys like Tavon Austin and Geno Smith. Compare yesterday's addition of Gavin Escobar where one could conceivably buy 52 variations of his Topps Chrome Rookie whereas Burkhead has a "paltry" 20 cards, this even includes his Superfractor and the 4 printing plates. This makes tons of sense as you don't really need a jersey card of some guy that Topps isn't even expecting to make an impact on the game in the long term. That being said we do end up having tons of autographs and jersey cards of nobodys. Just take a look at the search term "auto lot" and you'll see as many 1 dollar jersey cards and autographs as you can handle. For every Tony Romo rookie there are 1000 Cierre Wood or Jared Lorenzen cards that get made that only matter to set collectors and team collectors.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today's addtion, 2013 Topps Chrome # 7 Gavin Escobar

Today's card, another rookie from 2013 Topps Chrome, this one is # 7 in the set. Tight ends don't typically get much hobby love but this didn't stop Topps from making 52 different variants of this rookie card. 52! If you think about this for a second, that's why team collecting and even player collecting for any given year is impossible. Collectors have to resign themselves to getting the best cards they can and either give up on the rest or add them whenever possible later on through the years. You'd be surprised what players people will still be going after years later. Personally  the only player collection I've gathered more than 100 cards of is of Clinton Portis. Honestly, player collecting can't hold my attention very much over time, especially because Portis has been retired for some time now. 

Some people on go after various players like Mark Brunell (There's a big time guy named Jade Rock who's managed to amass over 90% of his cards including multiple copies of his cards numbered to 5 or less). To do that you really have to have dedication. I have dedication as well but for me, sets have been the only thing I could concentrate on to any degree. There's a beginning and an end. You focus on a set and it takes as long as it takes. It took me over 7 years to build my 1999 Spx set which included autographed rookies of Donovan McNabb, Tim Couch and Ricky Williams. The reason it took  me so long is I waited for values to go down to acceptable levels. The last card in my collection was the 1999 SPx Tim Couch which I paid 30 dollars for; that's even high by today's standards I think, but you'd be really hard pressed to find one for sale, or at least that was my assumption. When I bought it he was trying to get on with Green Bay, shortly after he got released. A quick Ebay search turned up no less than 3 copies for sale right now including a BIN for a BGS 9 version for 20 dollars. There's one with an extremely blurry picture right now that's going for .99  cents with 4 days left. That makes sense right now. There's not many Browns collectors that want this card and surely not many set collectors that have not already put this one together. Even with my patience I had to vastly overpay for some players that never made it like Cade McNown. These cards are still offered for sale at times but it's very sporadic. High end sets like these where the cards are priced at a fraction of what they used to be are not worth it for collectors to sell any more. The only good news is that like all old cards, the prices have bottomed out and there's nowhere for prices to go but up. It might take 20-30 years for that to happen but eventually I think people might see how undervalued this set is. All rookies are hard signed and there are a few possible HOF cards in it like the Champ Bailey AU RC and possibly the Donovan McNabb AU RC.