Saturday, September 5, 2015

Manning, Brees, Culter oh my!

I'm adding a flurry of cards today because I've been dormant for a few days and it's honestly probably not worth making a post every day that a base card is pulled for the Blake Bortles Rc Auto Challenge. I'll just quickly sum up the fact that I'm up to 17.7 % of the base set and these are the cards that I've added to my collection since the last post.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another one down for the base set

Today's card is a nice card of Matt Forte, RB for the Chicago Bears. I thought I'd showcase the Spx Rookie card that I have of his since it's always fun to pull a base of players where you've already got some cool autograph of. I'm now up to 15% of the base set and I have about 5% of the rookie autographs all from a cheap auction where someone had listed some no-name players a while back for around a dollar a card. Sadly that's about the price you can expect to pay for many of these autographed cards (or happily if you're a buyer completing the set).

On another note I'm really enjoying all of the Topps Digital card apps that you can play on your phone. I'd say the thrill of opening packs in the Bunt, Huddle or Star Wars Trader apps is nearly as fun as opening a real pack and you can do it for free which adds to the appeal. They even have a soccer player card app and I'm on all of them collecting my daily reward and busting packs. If you have not tried it I highly recommend checking any of these apps out to see what suits you.

Matt Forte Spx Rc /599 #171 (from my finished 2008 SPX set)

2014 Topps Chrome Matt Forte #46 (Base set 15% complete)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

3 more base cards for the set..

To keep it short and sweet here's 3 more base cards for the 2014 Topps Chrome Base set. All of these are vets so they fall within the first 110 cards. I'm slowly building up the base set from the group break I did in January but I'm coming to the end of the cards that I got from that one. There will be some nice rookie and base inserts to get added in a few days or so. Once I add these I will purchase box 2 so I'll always have a ton of cards in the pipeline even with all the duplicates.

2014 Topps Chrome Base cards, Jordan Reed # 4, 
Jordan Cameron #69 and DeMarco Murray #110

 Base set 14.45% complete

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2014 Topps Chrome Blake Bortles RC Auto Challenge (new Base card)

      Today's card features a player that I don't have any autographs of. He was a rookie in 2008 and I did complete the 08' Spx set but it didn't feature this future star player. He was a part of National Treasures (a horridly overpriced brand that I don't understand the draw for) but also Contenders. They don't go for huge money but they are pretty cool. I wasn't even sure if Garcon had any RC autos or not.

I realized my calculations on the base card percentage completion rate were off, each card is not = .5% exactly, it's about .45% so over time the percentage gets thrown off. Got some cool cards in the mail today but I don't have any doubles yet so they won't come to light for a while.

2014 Topps Chrome # 18

Base Set 13.18% complete

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2014 Topps Chrome Blake Bortles RC AU Challenge (base card added!)

Today's card is a Super Bowl winning QB and someone who plays the opposite of Peyton Manning. In the regular season he's very average but when the playoffs come he performs really well. I heard it said of Manning that he's the best regular season QB of all time but once playoff time comes he turns into Rex Grossman. I'd have to say that's pretty accurate as much as I enjoy watching and collecting Manning. Maybe some day Flacco's cards will be more valuable as he's got more chances to add to his ring count. More valuable than Manning? Maybe a stretch. It's always fun adding a base card of a player that you have an autograph of. Here's my Flacco Auto RC from 2008 Spx (I completed this set in 2012).

Here's the base card for my 2014 Topps Chrome base set. Nice photo on this one!

2014 Topps Chrome Joe Flacco # 6

Base set completion 13%

Monday, August 24, 2015

New base card (Blake Bortles 2014 Topps Chrome RC AU Challeng)

Hey guys, here's another installment of my "card of the day" feature, one that will one day culminate perhaps in a RC Autograph of Blake Bortles. After viewing over 75 boxes being opened on YouTube through various sources I finally spotted one that was pulled. This confirms my belief that this will be very difficult to pull myself. By that same token I've seen some of the garbage that's coming out now (Yah, I'm talking about you 2015 Panini Certified) and I really don't mind just opening this product for months and years to come. It's difficult to find boxes at 35 dollars which is what I think the true value should be but when you have to tack shipping on that is what's partially responsible for this. Tonight's card was one of 2013's top hobby kings if 2013 had one. Look at some of the guys that were hot in 2013 like Geno Smith and Montee Ball and most everyone's on the COLD list with the exception of Eddie Lacy from the Packers. Tavon Austin still has some potential but since WR get no hobby love this is little more than eye candy for Rams fans.

2014 Topps Chrome # 57 Tavon Austin

12.5 % of base card set complete

Sunday, August 23, 2015

3 more cards getting closer! (Blake Bortles RC AU Challenge)

Here are a few more sweet cards, 2 more for the base set as well as one insert. The base cards bring my total up to 12 % complete (base set) and the insert brings me up to 10 % complete for the "Fantasy Focus" set. I had a couple already added, the Tom Brady and a Jason Witten, so this makes it 3/30 cards. Even the insert sets look really nice here. I will enjoy adding the Broncos cards as well as some of the top players like Adrian Peterson.

In terms of viewing box breaks on YouTube I'm up to 40 boxes and I have not seen a single Bortles Autograph surface. The two best cards I saw broken online were one in a case break where CardsInfinity pulled a Jordan Matthews /25 black refractor autograph and a single box break where a guy pulled a Sammy Watkins pink /75. The difference between the main set and the Topps Chrome Mini is readily apparent. People cracking the mini version are getting far more colored autos and are not getting skunked very often on the autograph that they pull. As Adam Gellman said in his blog, mini is what Topps Chrome should have been.

Enjoy the daily cards and I'll be posting soon! I appreciate everyone that takes time to read my ramblings and pulls; this is the most fun project I've thought of in a while!

2014 Topps Chrome #45 A.J. Green (base set 11.5 % complete)

2014 Topps Chrome # 72 Jamaal Charles (base set 12 % complete)

2014 Topps Chrome "Fantasy Focus" #FF-DM (Insert Set 10% complete)