Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Day, another Jaguar!

This card is a 2013 Prominence base card. That being said, it's a very very thick base card like on the level of Exquisite Football. By the looks of the sell sheet this is due to the fact that you get 5 cards for about 119.00 (although Blowout cards is selling these for 78.00) so yes, I would expect a very nice base card if it comprised 20% of what I was breaking. Overall I'd say the design here is nice and clean, very good Photoshop work. The back of the card is nice as well using a very transparent version of the front image in black and white which I think always looks classy. You find out from the stats on the back of this card that MJD had a crap year in 2012 but every fantasy owner knows that. I don't think I'd ever break a box of these but it was nice getting this card for free!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweet card for today even though it's a lowly Jaguar.

This one's pretty cool. While this rookie probably won't play a down I was stoked to get this rare Emerald copy of tight end Ryan Otten. I always really like the certified emerald cards over the years. These rare cards only come from hot boxes which is kind of an interesting concept. Imagine breaking a box and finding out that all your cards are much rarer than average! That's what you get with this 2013 product. I got this card for about the same price as my Raiders team break from this product and this was a way better "pull" than what I got from the two boxes which yielded 0 Raiders cards if you can believe it. The seller was nice enough to send me a couple of base cards though. I like to choose the under-the radar teams for breaks because those unexpected teams are where you an often come up with 1/1's or valuable cards that people don't think of when they visualize what can be broken from the product.

Speaking of lowly I'm now 0-8 in my fantasy league which has never happened in all the ten plus years I've played. I was beaten by half a point this week. The kicker was that if the shitty Rams were able to score a touchdown in all the multitude of chances they were given in the last minute, I would have won. My opponent and I were neck and neck and I had Russel Wilson as my QB and he had Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks defense. Marshawn surprisingly did nothing but the Hawks defense came up big when it had to. And I lost for the 8th frustrating week in a row.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sick Haul from the last couple weeks and a change of focus perhaps

It's been a little while since I posted my one card a day ramblings. Many of the ones I added to my collection have been base but here are some of the really cool cards I added. The Blaine Gabbert , the Lamicheal James camo refractor and Stephen Hill auto I picked up from the local card shop. The Dobson came from a big lot I purchased last month. All of them are pretty sweet! I've decided to pick back up on my Clinton Portis collection. I used to pay so much for his autographs but these have tapered off quite a bit now that's he's retired. Some of his cards are going for decent money, but his average autographs are selling in the 5-8 dollar range rather than the 25-35 dollar range I used to pay for them. The card I really want the most again is his 2002 SP authentic gold /25. I used to have this card back in the day but had to sell it off. This would be my white whale so to speak. We'll see what happens now if I shift my focus to acquiring his cards again.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adrian Peterson cards, always cool, right?

Here's today's card. This is a 2009 Gridiron Gear "Rival" insert card # 7 featuring Greg Jennings and Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson cards have always been popular, I don't have too many of them and love adding them to my collection. Probably only have about 10 AP cards even though my collection is pretty vast. Might be time to add an auto of his to my collection before too long. The design for these is kind of blah but I think Panini is getting the message and is starting to put out some really nice looking cards lately.

Monday, October 7, 2013

2008 Masterpieces Rookie card

Here's my card for today. These are honestly pretty underrated and I can't imagine the effort it took to get this set produced. Each card is a reproduction of original artwork and the artists name is on the back. Printed on a canvas stock really helps the looks of these cards as well. The artist featured here is Ken Joudrey and a quick google search revealed his website which you can look at here:

Take a look at the Jim Thorpe artwork if you get a chance, this is really awesome. It looks like he focuses much of his work on hockey players.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trip to the card shop today and here's my haul.

       Well, this one I'm showing a picture of is technically the silver version which is numbered to 15 copies. I got the gold version which is numbered to 10 copies. Anyone have any idea why they make different VERY similar parallels with nearly identical numbering? I'm guessing it's to make money from all the player collectors who wouldn't be happy unless they had the silver, the gold and the platinum version. With all of these versions together you still have an astonishingly low number of cards in total at 26 cards (Platinum /1, Gold /10 and Silver /15).  I guess that's why they call it "Limited", right? One thing I noticed on this card is he's got pink gear on so this photo must have been taken in October, breast cancer awareness month.

        On that topic, watching some of the games today got me thinking. I don't mind seeing players with pink gear on. That's fine and there's no uniform that these articles don't enhance. For some reason pink with any of the NFL team colors looks pretty bad-ass. Which is weird because we're talking about pink after all which is nor really known for it's bad-assery. The step that goes too far is the pink flags. Most of the time when I was watching the game I didn't immediately notice the flag because it was such a stupid and non-official color. I thought it was a chick's T-shirt that got thrown on the field somehow. Get real NFL. Make the flags yellow so we can see em'.

       Flags in a game are a constant annoyance, slow the game up and change the outcome of the game sometimes on what's obviously a bad call. If you don't think refs make bad calls or non-calls that totally change the outcome of the game then you're not watching close enough. Denver had a non-call help them in a big way in today's Dallas game, had the opposing coaches thrown a challenge flag on the lost fumble they would have won it and the Cowboys might have won it instead. It really was a one possession game most of the day.

In any case I grabbed this one for a reasonable price at the local LCS and put in my collection along the Aaron Hernandez Monikers Gold Autograph that I pulled earlier this year.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Atomic RC Refractors are SWEET

Love the look of these cards. Ronnie Hillman is getting much more action than us Bronco fans could ever have anticipated this year despite the drafting of Montee Ball this year and the inexplicable resurgence of "No-Show" Moreno. I pulled this one last year and actually ended up getting a duplicate of it in my box so the other one is on Ebay right now. These cards are even nicer in person, hard to describe the rainbowey sheen that Finest Refractors have unless you've held them in your hand.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 Elite Mark Ingram

Another day, another base card. I got a shoebox full of cards that need to be filed and organized and they just got mixed up so we'll have some more variety to look at tomorrow. Fitting that I should be adding a Saints running back to my collection today since it was a Saints RB that killed my fantasy football game yesterday. With a lackluster performance of my three WRs and a FANTASTIC performance by Darren Sproles on the Monday night game I lost my fourth game in a row. Unheard of but I've got some real problems on my roster. Every player I bench has a breakout game (see Greg Jennings 92 yards and 2 TDs but hadn't done shit the rest of the year). and every player I use performs poorly. In last place with Adrian Peterson on my roster. Just goes to show that having AP doesn't guarantee anything. Really need some other players to come through for me.