Saturday, April 18, 2015

The newest card for my 1998 Topps Chrome Refractor set

Here's the newest addition to my growing set of 1998 Topps Chrome Refractors. Kanell never really had what you'd call a stellar career in the NFL but he did have some moments. As the back of the card notes, he did have a good 1997 season where he led the Giants to a 7-2-1 finish after the team had started off poorly with Dave Brown as their starting QB.

This is the 12 card in the 165 card set that I've purchased. I've been getting the cheapest cards available on Ebay but so far I have not come across any lots of these whatsoever. They've all been one-by-one purchases which is what one should expect for such rare cards and the fact that they are from 1998; not too much demand for 1998 cards with a few exceptions. One nice thing about collecting a set like this is there isn't too much demand. These cards aren't new and they aren't vintage yet so they are kind of in a grey area in terms of demand. Off to find the next!

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