Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One per case card of last week's fantasy darling

Today's addition is a rather nice Drew Brees 4000 yard club refractor that can only be found 1 per case of 2014 Topps Chrome. I pulled the Roethlisberger on my own but this one was part of the large refractor lot I got on Ebay. I've got 2 of the 8 in this very small set so this set's coming along pretty nicely. There has been a little bit of action on Drew's cards this week since he had a monster game against the Giant on Sunday putting up 7 TDs and 511 yards passing. I had him in one of my fantasy leagues and he only had 30 points ABOVE his projected fantasy point total. Needless to say I won that game. I'm a little surprised that these cards are not numbered but it's possible that there were so many boxes produced this year that Topps didn't want to tip their hand as to how many cases were produced. The formula would have been # of cards x 8 and that would produce the number quite easily.

  Here's the card for the day! 
2014 Topps Chrome 4000 Yard Club # 2 Drew Brees

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