Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Topps Chrome Jeremy Hill Rookie

One of the better base cards I've added in a while this is one of the top rookies of 2014 to pull. He's has more fantasy and real world value than 95% of last year's draft class. Playing for the Bengals all the sudden isn't a bad place to be with their ridiculous 6-0 start this year. Hill luckily is one of those guys that you can pull autographs of fairly easily in this product (he's not short printed like Manziel and Bortles) and could be one of the saving graces for the 2014 class. This particular card is also saved by the action photo in uniform (and helmet) that you want to see on football cards. The uncluttered background, nice pose and photography and clean design makes this a perfect rookie card in any era. Could it one day be as iconic as the 1958 Topps Jim Brown Rookie card? Perhaps we'll see in another 57 years just what these cards become.

2014 Topps Chrome Jeremy Hill # 125A

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