Saturday, December 12, 2015

So where'm I at now?

Since last I checked in I was chugging along on the base set of 2014 Topps Chrome, all products of boxes or lots I've acquired in the search for a 2014 Topps Chrome Blake Bortles autograph. I'm still working the first box I purchased back in August but the base cards are nearly at an end. Here's my card for the day, a guy who was big time for the Baylor Bears but never quite made his mark (or any stats for that matter) on an NFL team. This Lache Seastrunk base card brings my total up to 104/220 cards or 47.27 % of the base set being complete. I'm fairly certain that I won't stop collecting the 2014 set if and when I ever find a Bortles autograph as new products just are not appealing to me very much. The 2014 class seems to have a huge amount of solid and upcoming players as well as the fun of collecting colored refractors and inserts that abound throughout the release. Getting as close to a master set as possible might be quite a fun project. Here's the card!

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