Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bit of a lull on the autograph front so here's three more 2013 Topps Chrome Base

Filling the holes in my 2013 set here's #134 (DJ Fluker) of a VERY GOOD San Diego Chargers team. They are ranked number one in the power rankings this week. While I'm not so sure about all of that, they do look pretty good and I'd say they are making the playoffs for sure. On the idiot front I saw this card with a BIN of 99.00 on Ebay. Seriously? 99 cents is about all you could get for it, and that's on a good day.

The next card is #135 Jawan Jamison of the Redskins. I haven't heard much out of this guy so chances are we're not really looking at a star in the making.

The last one we're looking at is the #140 Matthew Stafford. Any cards of Stafford are great to have, I definitely don;t have any of his autographs although I'd love to pull or buy one some day. In the mean time this will have to do! 

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