Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Finest Football Box review

I opened up a couple of boxes of this product. I had a BLAST opening this. I like the fact that you get two patch autos for every full box, you are also going to get some refractors, atomic refractors and even some special red, pink and blue, even camouflaged refractors. I normally only open a box at a time but these seem to be very popular as it's the beginning of the  football season and really the best looking product so far this year. I'd say Topps Platinum is pretty close but I like the look of these cards a little better. I even pulled my first 1/1 EVER! This was out of my second box. It was a Randall Cobb Black Printing plate. Not a superfractor which are much cooler but I was stoked anyways. The photo I'm posting is from Ebay but I pulled one of these Le'Veon Bell Blue RC patch autos.

The pluses: You will get many variations of color refractors with a good mix of rookie and veteran base cards. You will probably pull at least a Geno Smith base RC or EJ Manual so you'll probably get a top QB if you choose to break a box. The patch autos are very cool and look much better than last year. Topps did away with the ridiculously high numbering on the base refractors. Last year I pulled two refractor RC Autos both numbered over 1000. This time if your card is numbered it is 99 or less. There are a ton of variations so you can chase the blue, the reds, the pinks, the military camo, the prizms numbered to 15 or even the superfractor versions which look absolutely off the chain this year. There are some cool "extra" autos that sometimes get included, these are on card and will usually be put on a really rare card (25 or less in the print run). These boxes are very fun to break and they aren't too terribly hard on the pocketbook. The breaks usually won't earn you the money back you put into the box but sometimes you can get lucky, just like with any other product. You should only break if you're planning on keeping everything.

The cons: Some people may not like all the variations. If you don't like parallel after parallel then this probably is not the set for you. I'd say there has to be at least 50 different Geno Smith cards in this product alone. Maybe you just go after the base set or the refractor set but it can be a bit overwhelming. The rookie class is weak this year. Topps has tried to offest this somewhat by including veteran autographs like Andrew Luck and Alfred Morris. This is a welcome addition that adds value to what could otherwise be a weak offering.

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