Thursday, September 5, 2013

1995 Images Limited Card is here!

I got my 1995 Images Limited card today that I posted earlier; the Jim Kelly #9. You can really tell this is a Classic brand because the Dufex technology is not as pronounced (or as nice) as say the Pinnacle Museum proofs in baseball in the early 1990's. The effect on these cards is very slight unless you get them in the correct light. The back photography is very dulled and yellow. They pay much more attention to these things now that cards are such a big business. Back in the 1990's cards were picking up steam but Classics was just one of those companies and brands that did not make it into the new age of cards that we're in right now. Just saw a post on about a new brand of basketball cards that carries a price tag of over a grand for a 10 pack of cards.

Here's what Dufex should look like.

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