Sunday, September 22, 2013

Comparing Box Breaks to Buying Singles on Ebay

Just how much money can you save by buying singles on Ebay? I did a little experiment this month. I bought a couple of boxes of 2013 Finest Football. At 114 per box you are guaranteed 2 autographs and you will usually get about 10 non base cards whether these are refractors, atomic refractors or even printing plates. While I did get a printing plate of Randall Cobb my best box yielded one decent autograph and one so-so one. So I went on Ebay and went on a buying spree to see just how many good cards I could get for the price of a box. The results were pretty astounding. I got three Aaron Dobson Autographs, (one regular, one red and one blue refractor auto) one Giovani Berndard, one Denrard Robinson, a Jimmy Graham blue auto refractor, a Mike Gillislee, a Marcus Wheaton, a Brent Celek Blue auto refractor, a Keenan Allen Red Refractor, a Montee Ball auto and a Zach Ertz case hit on card auto (/50 copies) along with a DeAndre Hopkins Atomic refractor Rc, a Clay Matthews Red refractor (/50 copies) , an Andre Ellington RC prizm refractor (25 copies) and  a Hakeem Nicks Blue refractor (/99 copies) To sum it up I got 12 autographs and some good inserts for the price of a box. Not getting the top guys like EJ Manuel of Geno Smith is ok when you get this many cards. Part of this is that I bought many of the cards in a bulk lot. You save even more doing this. I'd have to say this is a compelling argument for sticking to eBay when purchasing your cards. When the top guys don't even pay for the cost of the box then it's not worth it to keep busting.

Got all these for 1/4 of a price of a box. Wow.

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