Saturday, July 19, 2014

Box of cards broken from several months ago, this one was disappointing!

This is the result of a 2013 Touchdown Super Box break that I did at the beginning of 2014. The results were actually pretty bad. I think anyone would have been happy with the Cadillac Williams back in 2007, especially because this is a Gold version autograph numbered to 25. The Jimmy Clausen was also a highly touted draft pick back in 2010 but with the drafting of Cam newton collectors realized that his cards would likely never be worth anything. The only piece in here that I'm somewhat happy with is the AJ Green RC refractor  that is a PSA 10. While I may have only recouped about half of the box cost with this break I think the AJ Green will probably be worth quite a pretty penny in 10-15 years. You could look at this one like an investment card, the fact that it's a PSA 10 of a pretty big star (and it's a rarer refractor version, not just the base RC) made this card really the one to keep. Of course I'll keep them all but the Green will be a nice card down the road as long as Green keeps up his insane numbers, even for a few more years.

My main complaint here is that the cards were not chosen in 2007 or 2010. The Williams and the Clausen have to be viewed as nearly worthless except to set collectors or player collectors (if they have any). Certainly these cards should not have been considered worthy of putting in a high end gambler's type of box. I would have much rather gotten some vintage cards that maybe were not worth as much but had more historical meaning. A Marcus Allen RC? Sure! A Howie Long Topps 1984 RC? These would have made much more sense. I don't expect very many boxes to make money but with this product one should expect at the very least a 65-70 % return on investment instead of what I estimate to be about a 40% return. This SuperBox (and many breaks I've viewed) was essentially a dud. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Most repackaged products are pretty bad although the idea is pretty exciting. The "Heroes of Sport" that is an interesting mix of cards and game used memorabilia seems to be better although with the money you spend even that's an insane gamble that I'm surprised collectors take.  

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