Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Down to 200 Blue Wave refractors needed

Here is card number 80 that I've gathered since I started up this crazy quest. I need 200 more for the two sets since the autographed rookies are technically another set altogether from the base blue wave refractors. This is card #113.

So far my quest to find the cheapest cards possible first has been successful. I'm not finding a ton of competition on these cards and right now they're pretty plentiful. I may have a bit of a harder time landing some of the stars like Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson since those guys have tons and tons of collectors. I was looking through my collection on Tom Brady for instance and saw that the insert I added today of Brady, his Silver Portraits card (which is die cut and looks pretty cool) is only my 8th card of him in my whole collection. Many people collect only his cards exclusively. I probably have even less of Peyton Manning. Unfortunately my collection is mainly focused on high end sets where the main draw has been rookies. The best card I have of Brady is his 2000 Spx (which is the best card in my collection right now) but I didn't do a high end set in 1998 so no cool Mannings. I've had autographs of both players but flipped them for who knows what, probably a rookie no-name that was needed for one of my sets. I know better than that now and if I happen to land an autograph of either one you can be assured I won't let them go again.

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