Monday, February 2, 2015

The hits from my 2014 Contenders box break.

This weekend I decided to open up a box of 2014 Contenders. Here's my review. The fun factor was not as high as some brands like Topps Chrome or other brands where the inserts really stand out. I thought the inserts were rather ugly and or pointless. I did enjoy the base cards. They are a bit thin as Panini likes to do, I think a thicker card stock would have given these a more premium feel to them. 

The inserts, as I said are poorly designed with gigantic letters gracing the front of the card. The parallel autographs are more than a little confusing this year. There are variations and then parallels of variations. All of this is the same tired stuff that Panini has been trotting out the last couple of years. I did enjoy the "Round Numbers" autograph and this was the best card out of the box although I can hardly say that value wise it "saved" the box. I was one of the few buyers that got a mediocre to bad box. I even got a redemption as one of my main hits which annoys me to no end. I already have one open from 2011 that they refuse to answer emails on. We'll see if I ever get this one back.

I understand you can't make your money back on every box but around 50.00 worth of value for a 134.00 box kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I struggle with disparity between the fun and risk reward aspect of opening wax and what I usually pull from boxes as I'm sure many collectors do. I don't sell my big hits though and only buy what I can afford so I wouldn't exactly call it an addiction at this point. Anyone else crack any contenders and if so what was your take on the box (case) or whatever you decided to open?

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