Sunday, February 22, 2015

Working through the 2014 Contenders base set

    Today's card is a cool looking 2nd year card of Eddie Lacy. With rabid Packers fans everywhere and this dynamic shot, despite the fact that base cards are rapidly losing their place within the collecting world, this is a pretty cool card to own. With the release of Immaculate this week (1 base card per pack at 375.00) Panini has made come big strides in catching up to Topps and Upper Deck. I initially believed that they would tank hard but it looks like they have finally gotten their collective shit together and started making some really cool cards. The hat cards, nike swoosh cards and locker sticker cards are some of the most colorful and collective pieces I've seen from any company so I'm starting to get my hopes up. The only complaint I have so far is guys who have opened boxes and gotten a 150 point card as one of the hits. To put this in perspective, the redemption store doesn't really have any cards that I would want, this goes all the way to the top item possible. To get any points then is pretty bad because any desirable cards that get put up are snatched up, leaving autographs of undrafted scrubs and has-beens. You have to pay for shipping on top of that. My feeling is that the store will get better with time (We can only hope) and this program will become more widely accepted.

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