Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Spx Autograph, another charger

Here's the next card that I've got stored away from my many box breaks over the last couple of years. I broke this last year a month or so after 2012 spx came out. The photography on these cards is stunning. The design I like pretty well. I think these cards would be better with serial numbering but I guess I'm just one of those guys that likes EVERY card to be serial numbered so I know how many there are. Some might say this is pointless but I think serial numbers are the best thing to come out in sports cards. With patch cards it allows collectors to "track" the card. For some of the hard core guys they will document highly faked patch autographs and if it comes up again later altered buyers can be warned, or at the very least, serious collectors can check to see if it's authentic. It's too bad that major card companies don't have this system in place, something like an online database and photograph of every jersey card produced. While this might be daunting what it could do for the industry is make jersey cards more expensive to make and more rare, thereby increasing their value in the hobby once again. Honestly, how many jersey cards of Leon Washington does this hobby need anyway?

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