Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sick Haul from the last couple weeks and a change of focus perhaps

It's been a little while since I posted my one card a day ramblings. Many of the ones I added to my collection have been base but here are some of the really cool cards I added. The Blaine Gabbert , the Lamicheal James camo refractor and Stephen Hill auto I picked up from the local card shop. The Dobson came from a big lot I purchased last month. All of them are pretty sweet! I've decided to pick back up on my Clinton Portis collection. I used to pay so much for his autographs but these have tapered off quite a bit now that's he's retired. Some of his cards are going for decent money, but his average autographs are selling in the 5-8 dollar range rather than the 25-35 dollar range I used to pay for them. The card I really want the most again is his 2002 SP authentic gold /25. I used to have this card back in the day but had to sell it off. This would be my white whale so to speak. We'll see what happens now if I shift my focus to acquiring his cards again.

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