Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trip to the card shop today and here's my haul.

       Well, this one I'm showing a picture of is technically the silver version which is numbered to 15 copies. I got the gold version which is numbered to 10 copies. Anyone have any idea why they make different VERY similar parallels with nearly identical numbering? I'm guessing it's to make money from all the player collectors who wouldn't be happy unless they had the silver, the gold and the platinum version. With all of these versions together you still have an astonishingly low number of cards in total at 26 cards (Platinum /1, Gold /10 and Silver /15).  I guess that's why they call it "Limited", right? One thing I noticed on this card is he's got pink gear on so this photo must have been taken in October, breast cancer awareness month.

        On that topic, watching some of the games today got me thinking. I don't mind seeing players with pink gear on. That's fine and there's no uniform that these articles don't enhance. For some reason pink with any of the NFL team colors looks pretty bad-ass. Which is weird because we're talking about pink after all which is nor really known for it's bad-assery. The step that goes too far is the pink flags. Most of the time when I was watching the game I didn't immediately notice the flag because it was such a stupid and non-official color. I thought it was a chick's T-shirt that got thrown on the field somehow. Get real NFL. Make the flags yellow so we can see em'.

       Flags in a game are a constant annoyance, slow the game up and change the outcome of the game sometimes on what's obviously a bad call. If you don't think refs make bad calls or non-calls that totally change the outcome of the game then you're not watching close enough. Denver had a non-call help them in a big way in today's Dallas game, had the opposing coaches thrown a challenge flag on the lost fumble they would have won it and the Cowboys might have won it instead. It really was a one possession game most of the day.

In any case I grabbed this one for a reasonable price at the local LCS and put in my collection along the Aaron Hernandez Monikers Gold Autograph that I pulled earlier this year.

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