Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweet card for today even though it's a lowly Jaguar.

This one's pretty cool. While this rookie probably won't play a down I was stoked to get this rare Emerald copy of tight end Ryan Otten. I always really like the certified emerald cards over the years. These rare cards only come from hot boxes which is kind of an interesting concept. Imagine breaking a box and finding out that all your cards are much rarer than average! That's what you get with this 2013 product. I got this card for about the same price as my Raiders team break from this product and this was a way better "pull" than what I got from the two boxes which yielded 0 Raiders cards if you can believe it. The seller was nice enough to send me a couple of base cards though. I like to choose the under-the radar teams for breaks because those unexpected teams are where you an often come up with 1/1's or valuable cards that people don't think of when they visualize what can be broken from the product.

Speaking of lowly I'm now 0-8 in my fantasy league which has never happened in all the ten plus years I've played. I was beaten by half a point this week. The kicker was that if the shitty Rams were able to score a touchdown in all the multitude of chances they were given in the last minute, I would have won. My opponent and I were neck and neck and I had Russel Wilson as my QB and he had Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks defense. Marshawn surprisingly did nothing but the Hawks defense came up big when it had to. And I lost for the 8th frustrating week in a row.

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