Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Day, another Jaguar!

This card is a 2013 Prominence base card. That being said, it's a very very thick base card like on the level of Exquisite Football. By the looks of the sell sheet this is due to the fact that you get 5 cards for about 119.00 (although Blowout cards is selling these for 78.00) so yes, I would expect a very nice base card if it comprised 20% of what I was breaking. Overall I'd say the design here is nice and clean, very good Photoshop work. The back of the card is nice as well using a very transparent version of the front image in black and white which I think always looks classy. You find out from the stats on the back of this card that MJD had a crap year in 2012 but every fantasy owner knows that. I don't think I'd ever break a box of these but it was nice getting this card for free!

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