Sunday, August 3, 2014

Today's card is the first one I've added from 2013 Limited Football but a great one to add!

This exact photo was pulled from Ebay but you get the idea. My copy is numbered 21/25 and is the gold spotlight version. We did a case break a few months ago over at Mike's Stadium Sports Cards and this was one of the first cards pulled. I was pretty excited because this card alone made the 30 dollar price of admission well worth the break. I was lucky enough to get the 49ers which is a GREAT team for breaking any year because of Montana, Rice and the other possible HOF players. 2013 was a big year for 49ers rookies too as Lattimore, Quinton Patton and Vance McDonald were all rookies in this product. (Spoiler alert, I pulled all three of these RC autos). In box breaks for 2013 you want to get the Jets (Geno Smith), the Broncos (Montee Ball, Peyton Manning) and the 49ers are not bad either. Weak teams this year would be the Ravens (one or two low level draft picks, not many autos at all), the Raiders and the Lions. Browns would be pretty terrible for 2013 product but we know all case breakers will be wanting the Browns in 2014. The Broncos on the other hand will be a pretty weak team to have as they went WR CB for many of the top picks this year. The Raiders will be pretty strong as well with Kahlil Mack and Derek Carr should have plenty of collectors too. 

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