Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why not start off the month with a couple of Topps Finest cards!

Yesterday's card was a 2012 Finest Gold Refractor numbered to 50 of Cyrus Gray of the Kansas City Chiefs. Today's is even better. You can't get much hotter than Peyton Manning right now and I could probably even sell this at the local card store since we're in Denver and all of his cards are selling well right now. I never imagined when we signed him that he would be this successful. Manning's playing out of his mind right now and I bet we're going to go deep into the playoffs with the team we have. 

This card is one of the many many versions of refractors. There are two unnumbered versions of refractors, regular and this X-fractor version which has a distinct pattern to it. You also have the gold, blue, red and my favorite, the cammo refractors numbered to 10. I was lucky enough to pull a Vernon Davis, this will be shown and posted soon. The Broncos are on a bye week so I'll probably be watching some other games this week. Redskins and Vikings is probably the one I'm going to tune into for sure. I really enjoyed the Bengals and Dolphins, it was a much more exciting game than most people would have thought and ended in a surprising fashion.

Any Manning cards are great but rare parallels are even better!

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