Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2013 Finest #116 Justin Hunter

Here's a  nice rookie from 2013 Finest. I had a couple of really cool adds the last couple of days. Gotta get back to clearing out this huge box of cards. I really did not think I'd get the Tannehill Black auto for quite some time as usually my MO is to get the cheaper ones first.

Getting cheap cards to your set is often the best way to do things if you're a set collector (I know there aren't too many of us that do sets any more) but I've learned this from experience. This allows some of the bigger cards to come down in many cases. Obviously sometimes this plan will backfire but so many times cards lose value over a period of time that saving the more expensive ones for last saves you quite a bit of money in the long run. This is assuming the set is fairly easy to find copies of each card. If you are doing a set with cards numbered 100 or less you pretty much have to strike when the iron is hot, get what you can when it's up for sale because over time the lower printed cards will not show up very often. This is especially true for less popular players where people just don't see an advantage to selling their low numbered Rex Grossman cards or low numbered rookie free agents that never made a roster cards.

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