Saturday, February 22, 2014

A pair of offensive players from 2013 Finest

I'm excited about the Denard Robinson because he could end up to be a great player. Mired on the lowly Jaguars doesn't help much and it looks like he almost garnered negative fantasy stats last year with 66 rushing yards and 2 lost fumbles. Once a team figures out how to use him he could be dangerous. I think he would best be used in a wildcard offense where he could be a threat to throw, run or receive. Barner was even less effective on his team with a sickly 1.2 yard per carry average. Both of these players are "wait and see" type guys how had almost no impact their rookie season. 

Robinson seemed to be the guy I was pulling the most this year out of boxes as I got 3 of his autographs from various products. Not a terrible guy to get haunted by, much better than Ryan Swope.

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