Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today's addition a good Saints WR

Statistically Stills was better than I remembered last season. I didn't watch too many Saints games but to have 32 receptions and 5 TDs as a RC wide receiver is pretty good. With Brees throwing to him and being in that Saints offense he could end up being as good as Colsten in a few years. This is card #143 so we're nearing the end of the Topps Finest base set from 2013. I added Marcus Lattimore, Ryan Swope from Texas A&M who some collectors might know has already retired due to concussions. I also added the base RC for Mike Gillislee for the Dolphins. It seems like Mike's auto is something you will pull out of nearly every football box this year. Obviously I'm being factious but I don't know how many YouTube breaks I witnessed where his auto was pulled. Tavarres King also had a ton of autographs made this year and he couldn't even make the original team that drafted him.

Next year's class looks to be deep and wide and a welcome relief for us box breakers who had a rough time pulling even this year. I don't do it for profit but it's always nice to have a card that, if sold is worth more than the box price. Even with my Bowman Sterling box which was VERY pricey I didn't pull a single card that could fetch more than 15.00 on the secondary market. I decided against selling any of the cards that I pulled in this product because any card I sold would just compound the pain of the money  I spent on it. I know I will enjoy the cards far more than the money I would get from selling them. The only cards gone from that box are the Montee Ball base auto which I traded and a black refractor (/75) of Russell Wilson that I sold a little before the Superbowl. I am not sure if I would have made more immediately after because the market for his cards instantaneously flooded, so much so that his prices are only a little more than the overhyped prices before the SuperBowl. If anyone actually watched the game they'd realize that Wilson didn't have a whole lot to do with the Seahawks win. It was the Defense, pure and simple. Yes he made some plays with his feet and arm but his numbers all told were very pedestrian. Sidney Rice was really the offensive player that made the most difference but his cards have not seen a significant increase.

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