Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today's add a 2013 Finest RC of Vance Mcdonald

Today's card is one of the better tight ends selected in this year's draft. The 49ers were already pretty deep at Tight end having one of the best in the game in Vernon Davis. Losing Delanie Walker to the Titans forced them to use a high end draft pick to try to make up for this huge loss. Mcdonald from Rice only had 8 catches but he made the most of them this season by racking up over 100 yards of offense, a stunning 14.9 ypc average. Pretty nice card here and these are actually the only true rookies in the set despite all the parrallels and even the autographed cards are not considered true rookies because they aren't part of the base set. I've always thought this was kind of strange, that all first year cards should be considered rookies. 

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