Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Cool trade in the books, this one an autograph from 2012 Spx Football

This is 2012 Spx #73 Bernard Pierce. Since he's in his Temple uniform here some people may not know he was part of the Superbowl Champion Ravens team last year. He backs up Ray Rice in spots and is somewhat of a role player in Baltimore. I traded an Adrian Peterson Jersey card, an Adrian Peterson Xfractor from this year's Topps Finest and a low numbered Cowboys insert card (Jason Witten Gold "Portraits /49 )from 2013 Elite that I pulled this year to get this card. Overall pretty happy with the trade because any time I can get a card for a set that I'm actually getting close to putting together I'm happy. I'm more of a set collector although I am slowly working on my Portis collection. There's no rush for those cards because they are much cheaper than they used to be and there are plenty on Ebay to be had on any given day.

Not going to even go into how disappointed I am with the Bronco's Superbowl play this year. Seemed like nothing could go right and I'm not sure honestly if they can make it back next year. Too many things have to go right for them to duplicate their season up until their monumental collapse.

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