Sunday, January 4, 2015

A real 1980's football card, not some insert

I have a large lot (thousands of cards) to add and it's fun to add just one daily to my Beckett organize and find out a little about the card if I can. This one is a 1982 Topps Dennis Thurman #326 of the Dallas Cowboys. This is a RC card so I was curious as to what the highest valued card of his was on Ebay. The most paid for one of his cards was 80.00 plus shipping for a 1984 Topps card graded a PSA 10. I can see why someone paid that much as this is a great set with tons of followers. Getting a blazing grade on a mid 80's card, an era when people weren't really thinking about cards as an investment had to be really tough. According to the PSA population report there are only 8 graded in PSA 10 condition. What's even more interesting is that he had been in the league for 4 years before getting a regular issue RC card. He only has 18 cards in total including police sets and special issue oddball cards. In today's collecting world a non-drafted free agent may have more cards in one set than most players of yesteryear had in their whole career.

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