Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Challenging set started!

The first card in my challenge set is #77 Ben Coates. This is from the 1998 Topps Chrome Refractor set which could be found at 1:12 packs. Refractor technology was new at the time so at first glance these resemble the base set. If held to certain lights however, the shine of the card does come through. Every time I get one of these cards I'll find another on Ebay. The difficulty of putting this whole set together exists because of the age of the set and the rarity of the cards. It will be easy to find (but not pay for) rookies of Peyton Manning and Randy Moss. It's finding the base cards like these that will be come more difficult as time goes by. I've noticed that with small time cards you don't have sellers that are motivated to put them up or list them individually because there is no profit in them. We'll see how this chase goes along but I've already got the next on enroute. I laughed at how  much I paid for it but I also think it's a cool card, historically at least. You'll see what I mean when it comes in.

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