Sunday, January 18, 2015

The next card in my challenge, this one was worth hundreds back in the day!

Today's card is #66 Ryan Leaf. I found this PSA 10 ending very soon on Ebay so I just put in a bid, ended up winning it for 6.85 shipped. I've made the mistake of purchasing cards for big dollars soon after they come out only to have them plummet in value years later. This card can't get any lower (and I need it for my set) and it's somewhat of a conversation piece. Remember that part in the movie "40 Year Old Virgin" where Steve Carell is asked "Why do you have that?" in reference to one of his many obscure toys? I'd say this card falls under that category.

This is the second card in the set, 163 more to go. I think the checklist may be one of the hardest cards to track down if I had to guess. The fact that they made a checklist as a refractor card is sort of a strange decision, who honestly would be happy about pulling that from a box of cards? You only get 2 refractors a box in this product so I can see how that one might have made some collectors upset back in 1998 when this product was being furiously ripped in search of the card above and the Peyton Manning.

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