Saturday, October 24, 2015

2 more cards from my box

Today's addition consists of two cards since I didn't have time to add or post anything yesterday. The cards are a base Michael Crabtree #32A (can't believe they made a shortprint of this guy but hey everyone has their fans) and a 1963 Minis of Logan Thomas #31. Neither one of these cards are earth shattering by any means but it's not every day you can get a 1/1 autograph of your favorite player like I did earlier in the week.  I do really like the 1963 minis as any retro design in a chrome product is pretty awesome. Just wanted to give a shout out to my readers from outside the USA as I thought this would be a very American based blog but turns out I got a few people from Russia and Europe that check out my ramblings and base cards for each day. Thank you for checking this out!

2014 Topps Chrome 1963 Minis Logan Thomas #31 (3/45, 6% of this set complete)

2014 Topps Chrome Michael Crabtree #32A base (65/220, 29.5% complete)

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