Monday, October 19, 2015

Card of the Decade for me!

I've been quietly working plugging away at my 2014 Topps Chrome (perhaps master set) on my way to that elusive Blake Bortles Autograph. I've got 29% of the base set done, 4 % of the refractor set done and a few inserts here and there. I did pick up a very cheap lot on Ebay with a super rare blue wave refractor autograph (numbered to 20) for about a quarter of the cost of a box. Primarily I'm a Broncos collector and more specifically I love Terrell Davis. Watching him play when I just started to watch the game were some of the best moments, especially when he rushed for 2008 yards in 1998. I wasn't specifically in the market for another autograph as I had a few of his already but this one I just had to have the moment I saw it. The price was fairly reasonable too as there is a slight bit of damage on the back right hand corner. Being that it's a 1/1 though? I don't really care as there's not another in the world. This is my first 1/1 autograph in my collection and may have surpassed all others in terms of being my favorite. Enjoy!

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