Thursday, October 22, 2015

The 100th Topps Chrome card in my collection (Broncos Rookie Autograph!)

This is no Blake Bortles in terms of either rarity of price but in terms of the cesspool of last year's checklist selection this is a pretty good card. Roby is part of a stunning Broncos defense this year that might go down as one of the historical greats. This card isn't commanding much more than some of the scrub autographs but this might be due to the lack of defensive player love in the hobby. To me this is a far better buy than the only other Bronco rookie auto in this product, Cody Lattimer. If there's one guy I see tons of autographs being pulled of with no on-field production it's Lattimer. People are still asking top dollar for his cards with little to no justification. I bought this specific card outright for around 5 dollars online but I would have been pretty happy to hit it in a box too despite the low value that most collectors are giving it right now. I love it when I can check off a Broncos PC item as well as a set item at once. This particular one is an on-card autograph making it that much better.

2014 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs #209 Bradly Roby
(5/73 Rookie Autos, 6.8% complete)

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