Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Day, another Portis. This is getting fun!

Here's the 99th unique Portis card in my collection. Tomorrow will be magical as I'll hit 100! I really forgot how much fun it is to work on a player collection. You see so many variations of the same card with different numbering, photos, a different color, a chrome finish or jersey swatch size. It's kind of cool to see how the card companies create 15-20 different variations of the same card. I'm sure this is done because player collections are much more common than the set collections. I enjoy putting together the base set for some brands. I did it for 1999 Spx (this set took me years to complete), the 2000 Spx set and the 2008 Spx set. All of those brands have tons of other types of cards in them such as the "spectrum" parallels, various jersey card sets and the like. Player collections allow you to get rare cards that would be extremely difficult to put together as a set. I don't know how you'd even put together a set of cards that was numbered to 25 unless you started hard and fast right when the product came out.

99th Portis card...

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