Saturday, November 16, 2013

The newest Portis card joins the fold

I'm still adding one card a day from last week's purchases. I added various serial numbered cards last week, had not posted in a while. Here's an example of today's card although my actual version is the "Sepia" version numbered to 499 copies, not this version which is numbered to a scant 25. That being said, a serial numbered card even to 25 is not considered that rare anymore which is pretty crazy, but the fact that there are so many versions out there it's understandable. I can see why player collectors go crazy for them because each addition gets more and more difficult the more cards you add to your collection. Right now I'm having an easy time adding cards to this Portis collection because I only have 109 cards which is not even one percent of what has been produced. On a side note I'm now part of the box breaking group on CardsInfinity, a well-known guy in the business who operates out of Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm looking forward to my first case break very soon. I'll post the results on my blog for all of you guys!
The card I got....

The card I wished I got.... still on the hunt!

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