Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another Portis card, plus cleared out my local card shop outta Portis cards

This one's the next entry in my Portis collection. Very similar to the Upper Deck version but has a different card number and the Upper Deck logo is printed in color instead of silver foil. The back is exactly the same. Why would they do this? Seems kind of silly but got both versions in my collection bringing the count up to 102 cards. I have a feeling that I'm going to hit 200 unique cards very quickly. The cards I got from the local shop were mostly base but there were a few rare versions numbered to 250 or less, one card was numbered to 99. No autographs or jersey cards which is probably a good thing because those types of cards are much better to get on Ebay. Base cards are often better to get at a local shop because you're not paying for shipping. On a side note I saw a beautiful 1997 Upper Deck Jersey card (three colors no less) of John Elway. This insert set is still insanely popular and the cards are next to impossible to get. I didn't realize it but there were actually 10 jersey cards in that set, I mistakenly remembered there only being 3 of them. Terrell Davis is in this set, might have to pick that one up if possible!

First Edition looks nearly the same as the Upper Deck version.

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