Monday, November 4, 2013

Another Topps Finest football addition, but from a different decade

Here's the key card I would imagine to the whole 2002 Topps Finest Football set. I don't typically like college jerseys on a pro football card but the fact that these are hard-signed and there is so much white area in the card helping the signature to really stand out makes a huge difference. People complain about the weak draft class this year but take a look at 2002 and you'll see a huge dearth of talent in that draft class. This was the class that featured Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, David Carr and a bunch of other who's who in the draft bust rotisserie. Portis might have been the biggest star I can think of in this class although Julius Peppers still comes to mind, a great defensive player that's still making an impact with the Chicago Bears.

I got a few other Portis autographed cards in this bulk lot and they will be featured soon. Enjoy!

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