Sunday, November 10, 2013

The next Portis card in my collection

I have a feeling that card 200 will come up pretty fast. An interesting way to collect might be to go through the Beckett list and just try to find and win the next card on the list? Might be a good way to save up money for the really hard ones. I looked at the next card and it will be the UD Superstars Cam Esslinger (Rockies Pitcher) and Clinton Portis Gold numbered to 250 copies. Shouldn't be too hard.... should it?

Today's entry is brought to you by Mike's Stadium Sports cards. Went to see them yesterday and got 10 different Portis cards I needed for my collection, cleared out everything they had. This one is numbered to 250 copies and is #123 in the set, it's the Red Parallel.

2009 Certified Red #123 196/250 Copies.

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