Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Century Mark has been Hit! 100th Portis card in my collection!

Yep, it's just a base card. But the 100th unique card is pretty special in any player collection. This means you've really put some dedication into it, or you bought a shoe box full of their cards online. While that can happen originally I set out to get only autograph or jersey cards. With many of his autographs being less than 10 dollars apiece right now this player is much more affordable than when I first started out in 2002. His first card that I got was a 2002 Topps Rc card, the staple of any collection. I have not seen any Portis cards produced in 2013 and only 2 cards produced in 2012 so the tide has stemmed so to speak so it's time to get my hands on the other 3,095 cards that have been made so far. The 1/1s will be very difficult and of course I won't worry about the ones that are out of reach due to unrealistic seller expectations on Ebay. Seems like you see the same 1/1's listed at outrageous prices for months on end and you have to wonder what's going through the seller's mind by doing this.

Anyway card 100; 2010 Score Clinton Portis #295....

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