Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last two Portis cards are autographs

Got two more Portis cards, the Leaf Rookies and Stars which Beckett lists as 150 copies but doesn't seem to be numbered. I also added  a Sage Hit Rarified Gold Auto card which is numbered to 100 copies.
I got all of these in a cheap lot on Ebay and ended up selling one of the doubles that I had for a pretty good price. It really does pay to buy in lots if you can afford to wait while you sell off whatever you don't want. I did get a box of Bowman Sterling at the local card shop. I'll be selling off all of the cards that were not Broncos. I was thinking of doing a box break and selling spots but it seemed like too much could go wrong with this. One of the better cards out of the box (a Montee Ball RC auto) was a Bronco and I could see people calling "Shenannigans" on me and claiming I knew the contents of the box before it was broken. I may try a box break dividing up into Divisions so I don't have to worry about what happens to those who don't pull anything. In this box Broncos, Cardinals and Jags all came up pretty big getting most of the hits. The cards are really really sweet but the secondary market doesn't seem to be keeping up with the box prices at all. Here's one of the cards I pulled that's been put on EBay.

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