Wednesday, May 14, 2014

47th card out of the Blue Wave Refractor set is down, 233 more to go.

As you may have figured by now this set is pretty daunting but I'm about 16 % of the way through it. This card is pretty sweet and although I'm still bitter about the Broncos loss this is a great card of a spectacular defensive player. A rookie in 2010 he's already been to 2 pro bowls so here's a rare player that actually lived up to the hype. Defensive players don't get much love anymore unless your name is J.J. Watt or that other Seahawks guy Richard Sherman. The most this card has gone for is 4.00 on Ebay. I'd say the main drive for refractors is people putting together rainbow sets and I doubt many people are trying to put the whole set together like me.

Out of curiosity I looked on Ebay to see what some of the best selling Earl Thomas cards were and this was the card that showed up with a BIN of 399.00 (and it looks like that was the actual offer accepted).

With all the high end products it's amazing that the top card was not a Five Star, an Exquisite or even a Contenders but a card you could get out of a mid-priced box like Topps Chrome. Other companies should take heed...

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