Saturday, May 3, 2014

You know the drill, three more Topps Chrome Blue Wave Refractors!

All three of these went into my collection over the last three days. I've been pretty busy doing cool stuff like going to a Rockies game, going out with friends, helping people move so haven't been able to post my adds the last few days.

Don't know about any of you guys but I've been watching box breaks for 2013 Topps Five Star and it's amazing some of the cards that come out of these things. While a few boxes might be a disappointment for its 350 + pricetag, most of the cards are amazing. Usually you will get one card that is simply fantastic. Most packs I've seen have a booklet card coming out of them, these will usually have one player or more and have a beautifully designed three jersey piece if it's a single player, or a nice multicolored single window swatch for each player if it is a dual. There are some decent veteran autos coming out of here, of course the one I'd be gunning for is the dual John Elway, Terrell Davis that I saw in the previews. Even the base cards look fit for a king. I'm going to resist the temptation though and keep adding these blue waves to my set until it's complete. 244 cards more to go and I'm making great progress!

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