Sunday, May 4, 2014

,Today's addition, Blue Wave Refractor, Stedman Bailey Rams!

Today's a lazy Sunday which allows me to post this sweet RC card of Stedman Bailey, Rams WR. A solid addition to the receiving corps Bailey hauled in 17 receptions last year for 226 yards.  While this is by no means star production, it does establish him as a good option as a slot receiver for whoever might end up being the Rams QB next year. We're hearing rumblings that highly touted prospect Sam Bradford may not be the final answer the Rams are looking for and I'd have to say I agree. While Bradford has been pretty good when healthy, that's been the issue since he came into the league in 2010. I think the Rams need to at least think about drafting a second or third round QB as an insurance policy in a very deep draft class. If someone can establish themselves as a reliable every game starter  I think the difference between talent and consistency with this team can start to close. Generally this team has been bad over the last 10 years and it all starts with the quarterback position. Even a great RB like Steven Jackson couldn't save this franchise. It's a passing league now and if you don't have a solid lineup behind center you can kiss any playoff aspirations goodbye. 

This is a great card and with an average eBay price of 3 dollars per sale it's a card that anyone can afford. I'd be curious if anyone else was collecting a Topps Chrome 2013 set and if so, which one? The message boards reveal lots of guys doing a "rainbow" set of their favorite player but very few are doing full sets of these refractors.

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