Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another three Blue Waves to add, Michael Sam musings

As the days go by I've been lucky enough to reach my 50th card in record times. Ebay lots really are the way to go for sets because otherwise I would have had to opened 50 perfectly collated boxes to get 50 different rookies and vets so far. This might work for a master set collector but not for one set. My favorite one here is the wily veteran  Frank Gore who keeps amassing yardage and touchdowns without gaining much national attention. He's a fantasy standout and I'm pretty sure he'll make it to the Hall of Fame based on his output, numbers and longevity.

I am a life-long watcher of Bill Maher and if this pegs me as a liberal than you're probably right. Bill brought up some good points about how far Sam slid in the draft and I'd have to agree. I was pretty surprised that he went in the seventh round when he could easily have been picked up in the 4th round on down. To go that far down makes me think that NFL teams are hesitant to take on this issue regardless of how good it has to make them look to have been the first team to have picked a gay player. Take a look at this clip of Maher chatting it up with SNL star Kevin Nealon about this and other current events (Donald Sterling) in sports.

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