Sunday, May 11, 2014

Here's another Rookie addition to my 2013 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Refractor Set. We're getting almost up to 20% of the set and great progress so far. I'm still working at getting some of the cheap autographs in as I think this may be the first cards to dry up on the market. There's probably about 80 to 90 autographs on Ebay at any given time. Even the singles that would be seemingly difficult to add like Geno Smith and EJ Manuel are only going from around 8 or 9 dollars delivered for the base cards and anywhere from 50 to 75 for the autographed versions.

One thing I've noticed how tough it is lately for a card to do? Crack the 100 dollar mark on Ebay or any other secondary market. Even cards coming out of 350.00 packs like 5 star? It still takes huge names like Aaron Rogers, Barry Sanders or John Elway to get that much attention. I was looking over some of the huge cards I've gotten over the years and it's very tough for a card to maintain that value as well. None of the supposedly huge cards from 1999 Spx did that. Only one from 2000 Spx has that value (the 2000 Spx Tom Brady). I think that my multicolored Brian Urlacher would crack that mark but generally that card goes for 75 or 80 dollars. None of the cards from my 2008 Spx set are over that 100 dollar mark. The more you look at modern cards the more you have to realize that even forced scarcity (the different colored parrallels) do not mean the card will have long term value. Some of the best modern cards are those featuring autographs or game relics of some of the game's best retired players, not that next "hot" new rookie. 

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