Monday, May 5, 2014

Not every day's gonna be as cool as this, a Blue Wave Auto Refractor!

Here's today's spectacular addition, a Blue Wave Refractor Autograph #146 Mike Gillislee numbered 15/50 copies. I've got another one in the works that cannot be added yet, it's a redemption card for Joseph Randle, RB for the Cowboys. My strategy, for now, is to try to win any of these that I can for less than 10.00 each. I believe I can get several of the cards I need for this price. The next tier will be any cards that I can get for 20.00 or less and I think that about half of the set will fall under this category. The key here is to get these cards fairly quickly because of the shortprinted nature of the set. My feeling is the longer I wait, the more difficult it will be to put this set together. Right now the market is being flooded as dealers and collectors are trying to clear inventory for the huge season that will be 2014. Me, I'll be sitting back and doing the opposite as other people; while they are pouncing all over 2014 products I'll be toiling away patiently putting this awesome set together. So far I've made great progress on it.

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