Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's been a few days but here's some more awesome refractors!

Here are five more of the refractors that I need for my set! I'm now down to 237 cards needed and this is just great progress. Mike's Stadium Sports Cards even helped me out today by getting me four of the Bills cards I needed for the set. (no autographs unfortunately). They also helped me out by having a few boxes of Topps Five Star 2013 football. I went ahead and sprung for one although it's one of the largest single football purchases I've ever made. That being said, I also got some of the best cards for my collection that I currently have and that's saying something since I've been seriously in the collecting game since 1999. Let's just say I got a future hall of famer auto from one of the most popular teams in the NFL as well as one of the most popular running backs, a two sport kind of guy.

I watched the draft this weekend and really enjoyed the first round. Tons of drama, star power and some collecting name stays I'm sure, for years to come. I'm a bit dissapointed that  Manziel went to the Browns because it's obvious how that franchise has chewed up and spit out first round QB prospects. Heck, one of them is in this photo display of cards! Weeden turned out to be a bust in a sea of great QBs in the 2012 draft. I don't know if it's the team around the QB or the choices the organization has made but they've destroyed the careers of Tim Couch, Colt Mccoy, Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden. Here's hoping they don't wreck another one.

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