Tuesday, May 27, 2014

9 more cards added to my collection, has it been that long?

All these beauties I've added to my collection over the last nine days. To me since I'm doing the set they are all equally valuable but the Zac Stacy is probably the hottest one for collectors right now because of his great rookie campaign with over 1000 yards rushing and not even starting all of the games for the Rams. The Tavon Austin should generate a little more interest on the secondary market but as of right now we're really seeing a sag for 2013 cards. 2014 is ramping up with nice previews for 2014 score shown to collectors today.

The best photo of the bunch has to be the Matt Ryan. There was nothing hotter than his cards in 2008 and he's still a great player. Demand is much lower now because of the Falcons poor season last year but I still think he's an elite QB, he could even be on par with Manning or Brady in the next five years. Flacco on the other hand (same rookie year) and also has been self-proclaimed as "Elite" I don't see this happening.

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