Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Limited box break

Now I'm starting to log in the 2012 Limited cards that I pulled earlier this year. I have to say the last box was kind of a dud. My main hits were of a guy with 7 career receiving yards and a guy who's up on charges for murder. However, since I'm not trying to sell them I guess it doesn't matter. It's pretty hard to make money off of a box break any more. You have to get really lucky. I don't think any of the boxes I've broke in the last two years I've broke even. All you can hope for is to get some cool cards that you enjoy. Anyway, here's the next out of seven cards that I pulled earlier in the year. Victor Cruz is an awesome player; had him on my fantasy team last year and very rarely did he disappoint in terms of catches, yards or touchdowns. He was the best WR I had on my roster. I don't often pay much attention to this position and many times it hurts my fantasy team cause I'm using third option receivers that don't get many looks. I figured I had RG3 and Cam Newton as well as Ray Rice so I was set up on those fronts. My WR position other than Cruz was a mess though.

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