Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update to the Challenge!

Update: The next card that ended soonest on eBay was.... a set! The 1990 Vikings Police set certainly would never have been on my radar before this challenge but the BIN was reasonable enough. I decided against trying to find a cheaper price and just went for it. My feeling is that these don't come up for sale very often. It's a local issue, oddball type set that you would not find at a card shop here in Denver. Once I get the set in I'll post a card day by day. There's 10 cards in the set and this might be of interest to some of you newer collectors that only focus on the "hits" and autographs of 2010 and later. Checking some of the message boards I see people calling 2009 cards "vintage" which is crazy. With a new set coming out nearly every week though 2009 certainly can feel vintage. I think vintage is anything 30 years older or more. Since a generation is considered 30 years it makes sense that any cards produced a generation ago would be considered old wax. That makes vintage under this definition 1983 cards and earlier. Elway's rookie is still considered modern, till next year that is.

Not Vintage....

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